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Our way of working

We work as a smooth extension of your own IT Team



We work with your users and IT teams to get deep understanding of your business needs, goals, technology landscape, processes and data and proceed from there.



We discuss schedules, milestones, tools & methods. We align with your governance policy and business priorities in a fully transparent manner.



We run the development by taking on-board your technology preferences and project execution method. We will help you to validate against your functional as well as technical goals from the project.



Rigorous quality assurance, global best practice in terms of methods, technology, architecture and tools.

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A case for in-house development

We see a trend of in-house, tailor-made development

You can develop some strategic solutions yourself so that you get the functionality exactly as you want and differentiate your technology from competition.

Key reasons for shifting away from licensed products on to self-developed solutions in some cases.

Competitive differentiation

Speed to market

Why use

Standout features of our Development Services

Our development team has strong experience of developing well-engineered, industrial strength software on latest technologies and using contemporary methods from across the globe, also bringing local presence.

Technology choice

We can advise you on choosing best technology to use for your needs, also aligning with your preferences for the platform.

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Tools & methods

We will recommend the state-of-art development tools and development method best fitting your project. Run the project in the manner of your organization’s preference – traditional waterfall, or Agile.

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We help you architect the software, be it on loosely coupled components or microservices on the platform of your choice. Expertise in cloud or on-premise deployment, using traditional or CDCI methods.

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Global & local

We bring global best practices and current trends of execution and blend them with local realities specific to your organization.

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Our Clients

Our Clients Feedback

Support Services

If required, we will support the solutions developed by us

Development languages

Strong development knowledge in the modern & commonly used technology areas

We have built expertise on a relatively smaller variety of development technology, instead focusing on depth of knowledge.


Mobile & Web


Python & Django

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