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Why Choose Us

ICEBERG Analytics is modern, flexible & feature-rich

An enterprise-grade, high-performance, multi-user solution for a wide variety of business analysis for different departments of your company. Sophisticated, well-researched and constantly upgraded pool of AI and Machine learning models at its heart. Performs all tasks of an analysis life-cycle, from data ingestion, data engineering, modelling, and to data visualization.

It is Business user-friendly

No programming required, only screen-based setups System defaults all key technical decisions Supports Business Story-telling based exploratory analysis

It will satisfy expert analysts

Transparency of algorithms tried & their performances Select accuracy measure to use Displays variable importance Write your own model

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What you can do with ICEBERG

Analysis as your business demands

ICEBERG Analytics has pre-built pool of well-researched & powerful machine learning and other algorithms for a wide variety of analyses.
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Evaluate potential borrowers for probability of potential default of their loans. Use the Rule Engine for rule-based assessment, or Use our sophisticated Machine Learning models for credit evaluation. Or use both combined, for a balanced credit score .


ICEBERG Forecasting

Ask the forecasting model to evaluate historical patterns to find sales trends, seasonality or cyclicity of product-wise sales figures. Find out how variables like discounts, sales budgets and macroeconomic data influence the sales. Avoid under-production or over-inventory owing to inaccurate demand forecast.


ICEBERG Cross sell

Using our AI based models, discover which of your existing Wealth Management customers are ‘outliers’ in their current asset class and are ripe candidates for cross-selling & up-selling other products. Also find out which of your offered products best fit their profile, their risk appetite and goals of investment return.


ICEBERG Customer Stickiness

Use ICEBERG predictive models to know who are your loyal customers and who might exit and go to competition in near future. Rank the leaving customers by priority using user-defined criteria. Also, know the key reasons of their dissatisfaction to take a holistic, meaningful counter-measure to retain valuable customers.


ICEBERG Sentiment Analysis

ICEBERG reads you customer or other communications on social media, call centres, customer service systems or emails to find out which product or service offered by you they are talking about more. Also, our AI based text analysis informs you how they feel about your offerings, and what is your customer mood.

Pre-fabricated analysis solutions

Pre-built analytics solutions on ICEBERG Analytics platform to address your business needs

The ICEBERG Advantage

The Standout Features

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Technical features of ICEBERG

Modern and robust technology architecture

ICBERG is designed on modern but proven technology stack, using global best practices for engineering and security to bring you value at low risk and reasonable price.

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Full cycle of analysis

Enterprise software

Cloud native

Full GUI, no code

Highly secure

In-built workflow & rule engine

Summing up

What ICEBERG Analytics does for your organization

End to end analytics

Covers all the life-cycle activities in an analytics exercise in a single, integrated solution Supports data ingestion, data engineering, analysis, modelling and output visualization. No external software necessary.

Powerful data engineering

Define your data sources, data input pipeline and data workflow along with data logic. User defines data linkage & data transformation rules

Flexibility of data input

ICEBERG intelligently handles flexibility in data content, data type and format.

Rule engine

User defined descriptive data analysis rules using powerful scripting engine, easily modified by non-technical persons.

Business-defined AI

Business user simply indicates the nature of analysis. ICEBERG selects appropriate model from its internal pool of sophisticated, well-researched, constantly upgraded algorithms. An experienced analyst can override the model selected by the model and choose another, providing ease combined with flexibility & control.

Tailored dashboards

ICBERG’s Visualization Engine supports a variety of graphs to suit your analysis and provide standout insights to user.