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Enterprise-grade, powerful, data analytics platform with full life-cycle capability.


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ICEBERG Analytics For Your Organization

Build a culture of decision-making backed by scientific data analysis.

Empower your users with  ICEBERG  Analytics platform.

Supports end to end analysis life-cycle.

Enterprise grade, multi-user, completely secure platform.

No programming required, but offers full transpancy of analysis.

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ICEBERGAnalytics has well-researched analytics solutions to empower your Corporate vision


Evaluate creditworithiness of borrowers with ICEBERG Scoring, using its rule based and machine learning engine.

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ICEBERG Forecasting

Plan against over or under-production using AI models of ICEBERG Forecasting.

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ICEBERG Cross Sell

Get intelligent, data-backed advice using ICEBERG Cross sell about which of your other products may be offered to your Wealth Management customers.

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ICEBERG Stickiness

Build customer loyalty and reduce customer churn using the models of ICEBERG Stickiness.

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ICEBERG Sentiment Analysis

Analyze customer comments on your social media handles, call centre, or other channels using ICEBERG Sentiment Analysis to know what your customers think about your offerings.

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ICEBERG Proactive Maintenance

Impove efficiency of your factories and reduce maintenance cost using predictive maintenance models of ICEBERG Faultfree.

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